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'Content' of Computer Fundamentals

A       History of Computer

A1. Evolution History of Computer
A2. The First Computer
A3. Next Generations Computers
        v  EDVAC
A4. Types of Computers
        v  Supercomputers.
        v  Mainframe Computers
        v  Mini Computers
        v  Workstations
        v  Personal Computers
        v  Desktop Model Computers
        v  Notebook Computers
        v  Handheld Personal Computers

B       Computer Hardware

B1.  What is Computers ?
B2.  Computer System
         Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse-Single Click, Mouse-Double Click, Mouse Dragging, Monitor, Printer, Hard Disk, External Device, Floppy Disk, CD-ROM,  Microchip (Processor), Sound Card, Modem, Starting Windows.
B3. Some Beginning Terms in Computer
B4. What makes a computer powerful ?
B5. What’s so Special about Computers
B6. Basic Anatomy of Computers
B7. Memory
        v  RAM (Random Access Memory)
        v  ROM (Read Only Memory)
B8. Software Components
        v  Application Software
        v  System Software
        v  Utility Software
B9. Input / Output Device
        v  Input Device
Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Touch Screen, Light Pen.
        v  Output Device
Monitor, LCD, Printer, Speaker.
B10. External Storage Devices
        v  Floppy Disk
        v  Hard Disk
        v  CD
        v  DVD
        v  USB Drive

B11. CPU’s (Central Processing Unit) Front Side View
B12. CPU’s (Central Processing Unit) Back Side View
B13. Connectivity Layout
        v  Connectors, Power, Fan, Keyboard, PS/2 Mouse, USB, Video, Serial Ports, Parallel Port, Sound Card, Modem,

C       Computer Software

C1.   What is Software ?
C2.   System Software
       v  Operating System Software
       v  Language Software
       v  People ware Software
C3.  Application Software

D       Data Communications and Computer Network

D1.  Elements of a Communication System
D2.  Data Transmission Mode
        v  Simplex
        v  Half-Duplex
        v  Full-Duplex
D3.  Network Topologies
        v  Star Network
        v  Ring Network
        v  Completely Connected Networ

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