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'Content' of Internet Explorer

1.                  What is the Internet

2.                  Definitions

Browser, Cache, Cookies, E-mail, FTP, Home Page, HTML, HTTP, Hyperlink, Internet, ISP, Search Engine, Server, URL, Web Site, World Wide Web(www),

3.                  Opening Internet Explorer

4.                  Closing Internet Explorer

5.                  Examining the Internet Explorer Window

6.                  The Menu Bar

7.                  Tools, Internet Options

8.                  Using the Standard Buttons Toolbar

9.                  Addresses

Using a URL, How to Use the Address  Bar,

10.              Using Hyperlinks

11.              Right Click Short Menu (Context Menu)

12.              Searching

13.              Copy and Paste

14.              Printing

15.              Favorites

Add a Favorite, Using Favorite, Organizing Favorites

16.              Links Bar

Default Location, Moved Links Bar, Adding a Web Page to the Links Bar, Using the Links Bar

17.              Creating Desktop Shortcut for Web Pages

18.              Appendix-A : hortcut Keys

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Weight Loss Tips
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How to keep your Husband's Love
How to keep your Wife's Love
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MS-Office Tutorial
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