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'Content' of Windows Xp

Class-1.                Understanding your Desktop Layout

Class-2.                Understanding your Start Menu

Class-3.                Arranging your Desktop Item

Class-4.                How to Use your Mouse

Class-5.                How to Use your Keyboard

Class-6.                Using the Taskbar
                              v  Switching between  the windows using Taskbar

Class-7.                Moving and Resizing the Taskbar

Class-8.                Changing the Date and Time

Class-9.                Adjusting the Sound Level

Class-10.              Restarting , Shutting Down, Logging Off and Switching Users

Class-11.              Show the Desktop

Class-12.              Understanding the Layout of the Window

Class-13.              Opening and Closing a Window

Class-14.              Minimize, Maximize and Restore

Class-15.              Tiling and Cascading Windows

Class-16.              Moving , Sizing and Switching between windows

Class-17.              Files and Folders
                              v  Creating a New Folder
                              v  Renaming a Folder

Class-18.              Opening a Folder or File

Class-19.              Moving Files using Drag and Drop

Class-20.              Deleting a Folder or File

Class-21.              Copying , Cutting and Pasting a File or Folder
                              v  Copying a File or folder
                              v  Cutting a File or folder
                              v  Pasting a File or Folder
                              v  Copy to Folder or Move to Folder

Class-22.              Selecting Multiple Files and Folders

Class-23.              Using My Computer to Browse File and Folders

Class-24.              Emptying the Recycle Bin

Class-25.              Restoring a File or Folder from the Recycle Bin

Class-26.              My Computer vs. Windows Explorer
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Weight Loss Tips
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How to keep your Husband's Love
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MS-Office Tutorial
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