Local Business Directory- KnowledgeBase

Local Business Directory is a Free Business Listing Portal in Balasore City which contains your Business Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) along with other details.

In this Free Local Business Directory all Businesses or Professionals can create their Free Business Listings with all their Business or Profession details which will help the people of Balasore,Odisha of their needs.

If your business is visible online, search engines trust the accuracy of your business data and thus, your chances of ranking on top for local searches shoot up. To simplify it all, business listings can be considered as an online version of business information in Yellow Pages.

A business must satisfy the following criteria in order to qualify for a local business listing in Local Business Directory of BalasoreCity.Com

  1. Must have a business name or a DBA (doing Business As..)
  2. The business must have a dedicated physical address. (shared address, virtual offices and PO Box will not do)
  3. The business must have a phone number that matches your location city. (Again, toll free numbers, shared phone numbers and call tracking number won’t do)
  4. The business must make face-to-face contact with your customers. The business should not be conducted virtually and the business should not be an online store only.
  5. Business Place should be in Balasore, Odisha.

Following are the Business Categories under which your Business or Profession will be Listed … So while Listing your Business, you should select your Business Categories as given below :


  • Advocate & Tax Consultant 
  • Architects & Builders 
  • Beauty Parlour & Grooming 
  • Books, Sports & Hobbies 
  • Building Materials 
  • Chartered Accountant 
  • Computer, Laptop & Accessories 
  • Cosmetics and Gift Items 
  • Educational Institutes & Tutorial 
  • Electronics & Appliances 
  • Furnitures & Home Decors 
  • Gold & Diamond Jewellery 
  • Hotel & Restaurants 
  • Kitchen & Other Appliances 
  • Luggage & Bags 
  • Medicine & Health Products 
  • Men’s Fashion 
  • Mobiles, Tabs & Accessories 
  • Others Business 
  • School & Colleges 
  • Shopping Mall 
  • Toys, Baby Products & Kid’s Fashion 
  • Vegetable and Fruits 
  • Women’s Fashion 

Creating your Business Listing under Local Business Directory in BalasoreCity.Com

1. Log on : www.BalasoreCity.Com

2. Select : Local Business Directory

36 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

3. You will get a Login Page in which you have to Registered first ( If you are unregistered) as below :

37 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

Alternatively, if you have already Registered ( previously) , just put your Username or Email ID with your Password to Login your Page as below :

38 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

Alternatively, if you already Login yourself previously in our website www.balasorecity.com , when you click the Local Business Directory in the Menu, you will be see a page as below :

39 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

4. After Login yourself, you will be transfer to your Submit A Listing Page as below which consist 3 Sections:

  • LISTING IMAGES              


Under this section, you have to first Select your Business Category [from existing category] as below :

40 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase


Under this Section, you have to provide your Business or Profession details properly with all the required field as the symbol (*) marked.

41A BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase


Under this section, you are allowed to upload 2 images of your Business or Profession with the File Size, Width and Height as given as below :

42 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

After complete the Listing Form, must click the Complete Listing Button on the right corner to submit your Business Information.

After Clicking Complete Listing button, you will be redirected to a new page having your Business Listing has been Submitted with a Note for Approval by the Admin. Within 24 hours Approval will be made with a notification to your Mail id.

Note : Admin has the right to Approve or Reject your Business Listing in the Local Business Directory Portal. So your Business Listing should be made with proper Criteria given initially.

42A BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

After getting Approval from the Admin, your Business Information will be shown in the Local Business Directory page of www.BalasoreCity.Com as below.

43 BalasoreCity KnowledgeBase

Remember, you have the right to  Edit, View and Delete your Business Listing , but after Login into your Page. So don’t provide your Login ID & Password to any third party to have some unauthorised Edit and Delete of your Business Listing.

Business Tags is more essential to search your Business by the Public as well as for the Google Search Engine.