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If you aren’t selling online, you are missing out.

Crores is spent online every day. How much of that market do you want to capture? No matter what you sell, Vendor Free Registration in www.BalasoreCity.Com make it easy to manage.

If you are ready to start selling your Products & Services Online, you’re ready for a www.BalasoreCity.Com. The idea of creating an online store sounds like a daunting task to many business owners. That’s why www.BalasoreCity.Com come in. Real Time Solutions will take you from brainstorm to launch of a fully functioning Shopping Cart.

When your Cart is ready to receive a list of daily Sales from various Consumers, we will train you on managing it and we will always be available for support.

Product Management

Products can be complex with lots of variables. www.BalasoreCity.Com handles product attributes, weight, size and more. We can automate your product management to suit your workflow.

Sell digital or physical products. When uploading images to the website, they are automatically resized for the web which saves your webmaster a lot of time.

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Responsive Design

Responsive Design

78% of mobile searches result in a purchase. If your shopping cart does not have a responsive design, you’re missing out on sales. www.BalasoreCity.Com works on all devices so your customers can shop with their preferred device.

Payment Options

We Accept only Cash on Delivery at Home or at your local Pick up Point. We don’t Accept Online Payment of any mode.

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Order Management

Www.BalasoreCity.Com tracks an order from the time Sales Order to the time it is delivered. Reports for inventory, revenue and conversions are accessible right on your dashboard.