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1. How to Create a New Vendor Account in www.BalasoreCity.Com

1.            Log on: www.BalasoreCity.Com

2.            Select: Vendor > Click Vendor Registration

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You will get the Vendor Registration Form …

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3.            Fill up the Form with symbol (*) Required field

Note : First E-Mail Address of the Form is your Personal E-Mail to Log in in future as a Vendor. But your Business E-Mail ID Address may be different from your personal E-Mail ID.

Your Account will be Activate after Approval of Admin…may be taken 24 Hours. You will be Notify through E-Mail.

4.            After Approval …Select:  Vendor > Vendor Dashboard

Alternatively… you can Select : User Account > My Account

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You will be transfer to a new Vendow Dashboard window with both Login and Register options …

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As you have already Registered…you can go for Login window and put your E-Mail ID and Password as you have given at the time of your new Registration.

Note: If (in case) you forgot your Password, you can click the Link given at the bottom, [ Lost your password] and with the help of your e-mail id, you can re-activate your password.

5.            After Login … you will be transfer to your Personal Dashboard Window:

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2. Vendor Dashboard

Vendor Dashboard has 3 Sections …

(A) Left Menu Section

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(B)  Top Section [ Short Cut icon]

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(C)  Middle Display Section according to your Menu selection

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3. Creating a New Product by Vendor in Dashboard

Out of total Left side Menu section, 4 Menus will be in use of your day to day activities are …

(1)          Product Manager

(2)          Coupons (if you use)

(3)          Stats / Reports

(4)          Orders

Product Manager [Vendor Dashboard]

Product Manager consist of Two Sections…

(A)          –All Products

(B)          — Add Product

(A)     — All Products

When you click All Products Menu in the left panel…. under Product Manager

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You will see all your Products List in the middle Display board with …

— Product Name

— Product Price

— Product Stock

— Product Categories

— Your Order Status

— with 3 Actions [ View, Edit, Delete]

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(B)    Add Product

When you create your New Product for your online Sale, this is the point to create your new products.

Note: Before creating New Product, make ready of Product Image with all descriptions, features, attributes, Price (both MRP and Sale Price), Stock,

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1.  First Screen as follow:

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2.  Click create a New Product. You will be see the Second Step to Select Category as below :

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First, you select your Category from the given List… then click SELECT !

3.            Now you will see a Window of Add Product Details with various options..

  • Product Title
  • Product Short Description
  • Product Description
  • Product Features with 4 Tab
    • General
    • Inventory
    • Linked Products
    • Attributes
    • Advanced

After fill up all the Product details, Click the Publish icon in top-right corner of the window.

New Product Creation Window :

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Product Editing Window:

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Image showing All Features of a Product which you can co-relate with your Product creation window:

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Features of a Products Creation:

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General Tab:

You can assign your Regular as well as Sale Price of your Product with Schedule period of your Sale (if any).

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Inventory Tab

You can assign your Stock availability with minimum stock threshold limit.

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Linked Products Tab

This tab has two options….Upsells & Cross Sells. Here we describe the difference between with examples :

Difference between Upsells & Cross-Sells Products:

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Upsells:  An upsell is to get the customer to spend more money – buy a more expensive model of the same type of product, or add features / warranties that relate to the product in question.

Cross-sells:  A cross-sell is to get the customer to spend more money buy adding more products from other categories than the product being viewed or purchased.

The terms cross-sell and upsell are often used interchangeably because, let’s face it, this gets confusing.

Say the customer is viewing a 4GB iPod Nano for Rs.12,500.

Upsell items :

8 GB iPod Nano, Rs. 17,000 -> Upsell, same product family, more expensive

8 GB iPod Touch, Rs. 18,000 -> Upsell, same product family, more expensive

16 GP iPod Touch, Rs. 30,000 –> Upsell, same product family, more expensive

8 GB Microsoft Zune, Rs. 18,500 -> Upsell, more expensive, same category

Cross-Sell items:

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic , Rs. 3,000 -> Cross-sell

Skull Candy Headphones, Rs. 2000, -> Cross-sell

Rs. 1,500 iTunes Card -> Cross-sell

Portable DVD Player, Rs. 22,500 -> Cross-sell.

Attributes Tab

Under Attributes Tab, you can assign any Technical Details and any other Special features of your Products which will be displayed under Additional information Tab of a Product as below :

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How the above Attributes will be shown in the Web Page in case of a Product.

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Advanced Tab

Under the Tab, you can Put some notes related to Purchase which will be shown in the Invoice like this :

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4. Order View of Products in Vendor Dashboard

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This Order Table you can see your total Sales Order with ….

  • Order ID
  • Date of Sale Order
  • Sale Value
  • Sales Status
  • Sales View and Download Action

You can view your Sales Order with all Information to process for Delivery etc..

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Also you can put a Note and send to your Customer eMail ID under Order Notes section :

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5. Coupons Creation & Management in Vendor Dashboard

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  • You can create unlimited Coupon of your Choice by pressing –Add Coupon
  • This Coupon is only for Fixed Product Discount.
  • You can Edit / Delete your Coupons.
  • You can fix your Coupon Expiry Date
  • You can Restrict your Coupon usage with various options…
  • You can fix your Coupon Uses Limits with respect to Coupon, Items, User.
  • You can display your Coupon Code in your Product Description area to be use by the Consumer.
  • After completing your Coupon details, don’t forget to Publish your Coupon by pressing a icon on Top Right Corner of window.

(A)  How to create a Coupon

Select –Add Coupon from Coupon menu :

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An Add Coupon Screen will display for creating a New Coupon ..

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There are 3 Features of your Coupon Data in 3 Tab :

  1. General
  2. Usage Restriction
  3. Usage Limits

General Tab

In this tab you can put your Discount Amount with Expiry Date ( if you want)

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Usage Restriction Tab

In this Tab, you will get your Coupon Restriction as per details below :

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Usage Limits Tab

In this Tab, you can fix your Coupon Usage Limits in respect of your Coupon, Items, and Users as below:

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