Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Must Read If You Are Looking For A Home


It should be remembered that there may be a large number of homebuyers involved in a property purchase. The rights of all other Homeowners and creditors may be jeopardized if a single Homebuyer is permitted to file for bankruptcy protection against by the developers of real estate in the capacity of a financial creditor. Hence, a threshold restriction for Homebuyers for the beginning of the insolvency resolution process under the Act was recommended to prevent single Homebuyers from starting bankruptcy proceedings.


The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (Amendment) Act, 2020 (“2020 Amendment Act”) established a threshold requirement for homebuyers, stating that at least 100 homebuyers must file a bankruptcy law implementation against the real estate developer, or 10% of all homeowners who purchased the same venture, whichever is lower. In the case of Manish Kumar v. Union of India, this was again contested before the Supreme Court, and the court sustained the addition of this additional barrier by emphasizing that allowing private homeowners to use the insolvency procedure would result in abuse of the Code’s provisions.

If You Are Looking For A Home

Homebuyers are starting bankruptcy proceedings according to the above-given threshold and then later abandoning them after reaching a resolution with the real estate company’s sponsors, which is a problem that has recently come to light. This could put the developer of real estate under excessive strain and endanger the interest of those other creditors who are opposed to such insolvency proceedings.

The real estate marketplace and customer buying patterns have changed significantly as a result of changing market dynamics. Yet, every Indian still values owning a home, especially their first one. One can optimise the advantages of buying a home in India by taking full advantage of all these government initiatives. A proud and emotional moment in our life is when we become homeowners, particularly when it’s our first.


Being a homeowner, after all, is the definition of a “adult” and “grown-up.” Also, it makes you feel happy and secure financially. You will need additional help, notably financial help, before buying a property, particularly if it is their first home. Perhaps, you are now aware of all the benefits offered to first-time home buyers click here